In my teenage already I came to understand the result of using a camera to capture moments - You'll never be present on your pictures. Then 2012 everything started with live-concert and event capturing, which taught me the importance of a non-attention seeking camera. While connecting with your subject without it dedicating its performance intentionally to you.

At the end of my studies in Media Design with focus on motion pictures the urge of having that performance in a controlled environment led me towards fiction and visual storytelling using my skills to anticipate action on set and combine it with a carefully construed storyboard to implement the bigger picture.
After graduating as Bachelor of Arts in 2014 international collaborations on videoclips, shorts and feature productions as DP,
camera operator, gaffer or grip as well as color grading my own footage became a day to day exercise.

Cultural understanding, adaptation and communication are essentials I believe in. Only the full comprehension of your crew's mindset results in an efficient and well rewarded shooting. Empathy for a characters' story is key and one major source of my inspiration, which eventually tempts me to add that particular ingredient for a unique cinematic experience.



ANIMAL PSYCHOSIS by Mathias Götz & KinoM, Short, Horror comedy, HD anamorphic, 13 Min. Germany.
Cinematographer, Gaffer, Colorist.

MAGPIE by Joseph Simmons & Kino Hamburg, Short , Sci-Fi drama, UHD, 10 Min. Germany.
Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist.

LEMONADE by Geoffrey Mackrill & Kino D-Day, Short, War-drama, HD, 11 Min. France.
Cinematographer, Colorist.

À L'OMBRE D'UN HOMME by Mor Lankri & KinoMoutarde, Fairytale, UHD, 13 Min. France.
Cinematographer, Gaffer, Editor, Colorist.

DYING PENDING by Mor Lankri & KinoTLV, Short, Fantasy-dramedy, UHD, 12 Min. Israel.
Cinematographer, Gaffer, Editor, Colorist.

I CUME (Giraffe) prod. BORGORE by Shir Comay & DuduFaruk, Video-clip, HD, 3 Min. Israel.
Cinematographer, Colorist.

OMAYA by Nishant Ranjan, Ankit Anand & Falling Frames Productions, Fiction feature, Drama, UHD, 110 Min. India.
First Camera, Co-Cinematographer, Gaffer.


CONTRE LE COURANT by Joseph Simmons & Off-Courts, Short, Drama, UHD, 14 Min. France.
Cinematographer, Co-editor, Colorist.

BLACK FLOWERS by Joseph Simmons, Uncomely, Video-clip, HD, 5 Min. France.
Cinematographer, Colorist.

1.2.3. by Amayel Ndiaye & Kino Hamburg, Short, Drama, UHD, 5 Min. Germany.
Co-Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist.

LACUNA by Joseph Simmons, Short, Sci-Fi drama, UHD, 11 Min. UK. Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist.

LA CHASSE AU DAHU by Nicolas Bellaiche & Kino Moutarde, Short, Comedy, HD, 6 Min. France.

THE GRADE by Joseph Simmons, Amerrycan Productions, Web-series, Sci-Fi mystery, HD, 24 Min. UK.
Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist.

MON PAYS by Timmi Kwaku Davis & Kino Teranga, Short, Drama, HD, 18 Min. Senegal.
Cinematographer, Colorist.

I CAME FROM THE FUTURE by Dave Lojek, Apeiron Films & KinoEaters Lublin, Short, Mystery, HD, 4 Min.
Poland. Cinematographer, Colorist.


HYPOTHETICAL by Joseph Simmons & KinoEaters Lublin, Short, Sci-Fi drama, HD, 7 Min. Poland.
Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist.

BLUEBIRD by Michal Stenzel & HamburgerKino, Short, Poetry/Concept, HD, 4 Min. Germany.
Cinematographer, Colorist.

WAVEFORM by Joseph Simmons & Kino Euphoria, Short, Sci-Fi drama HD, 8 Min. Finnland.
Cinematographer, Co-Editor, Colorist.

BEETROOT by Andrew McKarger & Rupert Mahner, Short/Series-teaser, Comedy/Thriller, UHD, 14 Min. Germany.
Cinematographer, Colorist.

BITCH by Shir Comay, Chen Zakai & Kino TLV, Video-clip, HD, 4 Min. Israel. Cinematographer, Colorist.

LEAK by Mor Lankri & Kino TLV, Short, Fairytale, HD, 7 Min. Israel.
Co-Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist.

COMA by Yohann Vorillon & Kino Caen, Short, Mystery, HD, 6 Min. France. Cinematographer.


VIELLIR by Olivier Linconnu, TakeFive Productions, Fiction feature, Road-movie drama, HD, 96 Min. Belgium.
Co-Producer, Co-Director, Cinematographer, Co-Editor, Colorist.

GROWL by Mickael N’dour & KinoGeneva, Short, Drama, HD, 13 Min. Belgium.
Cinematographer, Co-Editor, Colorist.